October 5, 2013

I realize that it has been quiet around these parts- more quiet than usual, in fact. Things have been a bit hectic around here but all for a good, wonderful, joyous reason: I'm getting married! 

Dan proposed to me nearly two years ago, on a crisp October morning on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I'm not sure how he did it- I guess it's because he knows me so well -but he picked the one and only place that I ever imagined being proposed to, because it is my favorite place in the city.

Moments after his proposal in October of 2011

He had surprised me with a renewal of my museum membership a few months back- specifically (so I thought) so that I could visit the Rembrandt exhibition I had been pining to attend. We had recently moved out of Philadelphia, and into the suburbs, after living there for eleven years for me and five years for him. The trip to the museum was our first visit back to the city and our old neighborhood together and we were looking forward to getting brunch with our friends afterward at one of my favorite pubs and just enjoying the beautiful, late October day.

Little did I know, that as we were standing atop the steps, looking over our beloved city and discussing our future (would we move back? should we stick it out in the suburbs? how we couldn't wait to build a garden next spring.) Dan was gathering up the nerve to kneel down on one knee and ask me to marry him. And when he did, I was so stunned I actually stepped backwards!  We had been together at that point for six years- I truly wasn't expecting it.  But I said yes - of course! - after pulling myself out of the surreal haze I found myself in - I said yes with every bit of my being.  Moments later, after I wiped away tears, I was delighted to find that two of our best friends, Chris and Becky - and their little daughter Emily - and their twin boys that Becky was still carrying in her belly, looking as though she could burst at any moment - were watching the entire scene unfold as Chris snapped photos of the proposal.  I began to cry all over again.

After the above photo was snapped, we gathered up our things, called our families and jetted off to the pub to share our happy news with more friends and celebrate over Bloody Marys.

The next day I played hooky from work (okay, actually I called in with the good news and politely explained that I would be taking a personal day) and we went back to the city for a little celebrating of our own - hopping from bar to bar to enjoy hot cider and whisky, skipping through the fallen leaves (me, not Dan) and discussing a million different ideas about what our wedding day would be like.

Celebrating the fact that we are about enjoy an amazing meal at Talula's Table with some really wonderful friends, April 2013
And here we are- nearly two years later, having just celebrated eight years together, and almost four and half months away from our wedding day- and I have so much to share with you.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to give you the news.  I've mentioned it before on Facebook and Twitter and shared the news with one paricular blogging friend a while back who has been patiently dropping hints about how I should share my wedding plans with you all, here on my blog.  (Emily- :) - thanks for the pushes!)  And I'm going to do just that- but don't worry, I'm not turning this site into a "wedding blog" in case that is what you fear.  But I would love to share the many DIY things I've done and plan to do for our special day.  I hope you'll stick along for the journey!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this very special post.