Warby Parker! Decisions, decisions!

Dear readers,
Your opinions are greatly needed!  I received my Warby Parker home try on selections earlier this week and I am completely stumped as to which frame to choose or if perhaps they just aren't right for me?  I really love the Sinclair and the Marshall frames, but I worry they don't suit my face.  I'd greatly love to hear your opinions.  

I might just select another few for another round of home try-ons or perhaps I'll pop into their showroom in Philly to confuse myself even more! :)

Do any of you wear Warby Parker?  If so, which frame(s)? 

Thanks so much and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

Oh Happy Day!  Warby Parker Home Try On Selection!

And here I am, posing in all of the frames (in black and white to cut down on the lens glare):

UPDATE! 11.15.12: Thank you to everyone who offered their opinions either on my blog, on twitter or in person.  It seems that Sinclair and Marshall are the obvious winners! (They also happened to be my top choices, as well.) :)  I'll be purchasing the Marshall frame in the near future since they seem to be a great everyday frame.  My old pair (~5 Years old. yikes!)- which are purple and lime green Anne et Valentin frames- are a bit on the funky side and I am in the market for a more neutral frame.  Marshall fits the bill!  I plan to purchase the Sinclair down the road, since I love them so much, also!  Thanks again!  Also- the Warby Parker Home Try On was such a great experience.  I highly recommend it if you are in the makert for some new frames or sunglasses.