The first of November.

Hello all.  I realize that this space has been quiet for quite sometime now.  I apologize for this.  Life just got a little too crazy, I suppose.  Expect more posts on here from me in the coming weeks because I've got lots to share (including all of the recipes I made with our home garden produce).  I've also got a big, big announcement to share!  But first, I wanted to let you know that my time on the interwebs has not been completely stagnant these past few months.

Doe Run Farm makes some outstanding artisan cheese.
I'm a new contributor for Handmade in PA- a blog from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen!  It's an exciting new venture for me since I love sharing handmade adventures and stories with anyone who will listen.  

Autumn Splendor at Terrain at Styers.
Today's post is about an autumn visit to Terrain in Glen Mills, PA.  We visited a few weeks back for Terrain's annual Autumn Bounty Festival.  We got to taste some really delicious cheese and take in all of the delights of the season.  And since today is the first of November, I thought it might be a nice post to share with you all.  Click here if you'd care to read it.