Etsy's new "About Me" page

Have you seen Etsy's new "About Me" page in sellers' shops?  I somehow just noticed this yesterday- it's been around since early June, at least.  This shows you just how bad I've been this summer with maintaining my shop.  Shame on me!

The new "About Me" section really allows the shop keeper's personality to shine through- which I really like- and serves as a forum for the maker/curator to put a face and voice behind their work or shop.  I set mine up yesterday and I think it can use some sprucing up in the future (I love the slide show in the upper section of some of the pages I've peaked at and I know I definitely need a few more "studio" shots to really take advantage of this).

But for now, here she is.  What do you think?  If you have an Etsy shop, and have set up your "About Me" section, please link below.  I'd really love to read them. :)

Or see it here.