Kayaking on the Brandywine

Dan celebrated his thirty-third birthday a few weeks back.  In honor of his special day the two of us took a day off of work, woke up early, and drove to the Brandywine River for a day of kayaking.

The Brandywine River Valley, located just outside of Philadelphia, is really a sight to behold.  I had been introduced to this region without even knowing it when I fell in love with the work of American realist painter Andrew Wyeth, particularly his scenes of the Kuerner Farm and his Helga series, while studying Art History as an undergraduate.  Wyeth,  a realist painter, was inspired by the rolling hills and farms of the Brandywine Valley and the surrounding countryside.  When I travelled to the region for the first time in 2006, while visiting the Brandywine River Museum (which features a collection of three generations of Wyeths), I felt as if I had just stepped into one of his paintings.  Now, we travel to the region at least once a year for our annual Memorial Day picnic at the Chaddsford Winery or pass on through while traveling to meet friends.  And every time, I still can't keep Wyeth's haunting images out of my head.

Our little kayaking adventure was another chance for me to experience Wyeth's landscapes, but this time via a 13 mile trip down the Brandywine River.  It was a wonderful day, and hopefully the beginning of a yearly tradition.

During our 3 hour kayak trip, we did not see one other soul on the river (aside from the normal aquatic life!)
Northbrook Canoe Company was amazing.  We started our trip at the main office and were greeted by a very nice man from Northbrook at the end of our trip, who drove us back to get our car.
Dan made friends with a few little ducks.
Everything was so, so lush.

Absolutely no one in sight.  Heaven, frankly.  
A happy birthday boy.