Scooped Ice Cream, West Chester, PA

I've been a bit preoccupied with thoughts of ice cream as of late.  With the warmer weather I was reminded that finally, finally, we have a kitchen with amble counter and storage space to comfortably operate and store a homemade ice cream machine.  I've been wanting one for years but the size of our old apartment's kitchen shattered my dreams of cool, creamy homemade ice cream confections.  

These thoughts were only strengthened when Dan's sister and her daughter took us to a delicious little ice cream parlor in West Chester, Pennsylvania a few Saturday's ago.  I snapped a few shots of the quaint shop to share with you all.

Scooped Ice Cream is a small ice cream parlor that offers housemade ice cream and gelato at their two locations in downtown West Chester and in Chester Springs, where the ice cream is made.  The shop's use of local ingredients (including cream, fruits and chocolate) sourced from a certified free-range and organic farm in Lancaster, Pa is evident in the quality of the ice cream.  My two scoops of Mint Chip were so creamy and absolutely delicious they left me craving another visit in the near future.

Scooped offers an exciting and somewhat unusual variety of flavors that change daily and seasonally. When we visited, there seemed to be the traditional varieties available and less of the more exotic flavors, but all seemed enticing.  I tasted a few, including a raspberry chocolate chip, but settled on the tried and true mint chocolate chip.  

Other flavors that the shop has made are Candied Bacon in Maple ice cream, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Cookie Monster.  Dan's sister raved about their Cantaloupe ice cream offered in the warmer summer months.  Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any gelato offered when I was there.  I suppose that only means that I need to go back for another visit!  According to Scoops twitter account, which posts updates on the changing flavors, Coconut Macaroon, Chocolate Hazelnut and Espresso are amongst their gelato flavors.  According to a commenter on FourSquare, Scooped also makes a Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt ice cream.  In all honesty, I might actually stalk a business for a taste of that ice cream!

The West Chester location was perfectly quaint and everything you'd expect and hope an ice cream parlor to look like.  According to this article, the location is said to have once been a speakeasy. Even better.

So even though I don't have the capabilities of making my own ice creams and gelati yet, I find comfort knowing that Scooped is there for me when I am in need.  

Address and info on both Scooped locations:

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