Custom wedding jewelry sneak peek

Oh hey, this is my 100th post!! Awesome. :)

I just recently finished up a set of wedding jewelry for a lovely bride from Missouri.  Once all of the photos are edited and ready for viewing I'll post them here with a little bit of background about the design and the brides' inspiration.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the pieces:

Blue and green seem to be the wedding popular colors these last few seasons- which is fine by me because they look amazing together!

In other news, our garden is sprouting up quite nicely.  I think that I may even be able to snack on my strawberries in a week or two!  Dan and I are very lucky that our garden did not suffer too badly in the terrible flood our street experienced the other night.  Unfortunately, our elderly neighbors across the street from us were not so lucky.  Their garden was completely submerged in the flood waters and now they will have to destroy their entire bed of lettuce and all of the other crops.  I didn't see their garden, but Dan did.  From what he told me, our garden pales in comparison to theirs.  Hopefully, since we are only at the beginning of the planting season, they can salvage what is left of this spring and replant.