Happy Friday

Thursday afternoon, heading home from work.  Shot while waiting for my bus.

Happy Friday, friends. I don't have anything too exciting announce- other than the fact that it is Friday (as you all are aware), and that makes me very, very happy. It's been an odd and busy sort of week and I am extremely thankful for the weekend. I thought I'd share a collection of photos I snapped over the past few weeks with you all. I don't think I do this enough, and I'd like to change that. So from now on readers, please expect a few random photo posts. I hope you don't mind.

Self portrait, snapped Thursday afternoon while playing around with the new Visual Supply Co. app.  Please excuse my appearance- I woke up yesterday two hours late and panicked with no time to get ready for work.  Like I said, I'm very happy today is Friday.

A quite afternoon at Independence Hall.

Heidi, all prepped for her walk during the deluge we were greeted with Saturday night.
Dan took me on a hike two weeks ago.  We walked a trail he had discovered a few weeks back that he has been walking regularly with Heidi.  It's such a lovely, hidden little gem.  

Dan and Heidi, while on the hike.

Flying a kite
My photo of Dan flying a kite in the Outer Banks last spring was featured in the Pioneer Woman's Phone Photos competition.  I didn't win, but it was exciting to see another one up on her blog. :)