The Banker Horses of the Barrier Islands

On our second day in the Outer Banks, a few of us took a day trip to the Currituck Outer Banks to see the wild horses that live along the northern beaches.  Known as the Banker Horses, these wild mustangs have been well documented on the Outer Banks since the eighteenth century. 
Many believe the arrival of the horses dates as far back as the sixteenth century, when they arrived with Spanish colonists.  Though no one can be certain, it is thought that they were either abandoned on the barrier islands on exploratory expeditions, or that they may have even survived shipwrecks.

For centuries these stunning animals have endured hurricanes and Nor'easters, living amongst the dunes and homes that run along the shoreline.
They survive on the marsh grass, temporary pools of freshwater, and moisture from the vegetation they consume. 
Large herds of these ferrel horses can be found on the Currituck and Shakleford Banks, Rachel Carson Estuarian Sanctuary and Ocracoke Islands.

I was in absolute awe when we happened upon these lovely animals standing at the shoreline.  It was a great day, for sure.  For more info and history, visit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.