Handmade for the Holidays: Pompeii Street Soap Co.

For Handmade for the Holidays I will be spotlighting a handful of artists and crafters that have made some very amazing pieces that I've gifted over the past few years to my friends and family.  Each one took the time to create the most perfect item I could have asked for.  It is, in my little way, a thank you to those individuals.  I hope that by reading my little Handmade for the Holidays list you too might be inclined to pay these little shops a visit and enjoy their fantastic work.
Next up is Pompeii Street Soap Co., a natural soap shop located in central Pennsylvania.  Though I may have never purchased this wonderful soap as a gift to anyone other than myself, it is a Handmade for the Holidays feature because I get ridiculously giddy with the thought of opening a new bar of soap and everyone deserves to have that feeling.  Really, these products are amazing.

Motivated by a love of aromatherapy, her own dry skin, and the desire to be her own boss, Jessica Gill started the company in her basement in 2001.  All products are at least 98% natural (with most being 100% natural) and everything is made with a gourmet touch. All products are hand made, cut and packaged by caring human hands on the premises in her workshop and store in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.

Jessica’s interest in soap was heightened after reading about the discovery of a perfectly preserved soap shop unearthed in the ruins of the ancient town of Pompeii, Italy, which, in 79 AD, was blanketed in ash after Mount Vesuvius’ devastating eruption.  This small, ancient soap shop is thought to be the oldest existing, organized soap shop.  Jessica chose the name Pompeii Street Soap Company as a reflection of her business’ ideals and goals to produce all natural soaps in an old fashioned way.*

Orange & Clove: 100% NATURAL. Pure Orange peel and clove oils combined with ground spices make this soap bar richly scented and uplifting. Lathers great and smells like a traditional Colonial Christmas ornament. Special Edition

All Pompeii Street soaps are made with a unique ratio of olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils.  This ratio, Jessica explains, is what makes the bar have all the great qualities – long lasting, foamy lather, and most of all, a lower PH to alleviate itchy skin.  She is correct on all points.  What I love so much about this soap is the incredibly natural smell (if I could eat it, I probably would… seriously) and its lusciously, thick lather.  I’ve found no other handmade soap like it (outside of Lush soaps -which are amazing, but Pompeii Street Soaps are just as fantastic) and I am completely hooked.  I try to get to the shop whenever I am home but sadly, that never seems to happen, as we are usually running around.  I’m almost out of my last bar (Bay Rum- aaamazing) and I’ll be home next week so I will definitely be stopping by.  I really want to check out her new one- Orange Clove (le sigh), which sounds delicious.

Sweet Orange & Patchouli: 100% NATURAL - Opposites attract! We have created a happy medium for sweet and sunny orange and down-to-earth patchouli. They become best friends in this signature aroma. (MY FAVORITE!)

Bay Rum: 100% NATURAL. - During my latest family trip to Puerto Rico, I discovered the wonderful aroma of real bay rum leaves from a tree in my grandmother's yard. I brought a bunch home and later created my own blend using the dried leaves combined with bay oil, clove, citrusy bergamot and orange peel, and of course, allspice.
Mintfetti: 100% NATURAL...Yay! It's back. My mintfetti soap is the most complicated soap that I make. It's a three day process to get this holiday soap to perfection. Lather's great and smells like a candy cane! Special Edition
Wine Berry: This "2010 vintage" Wineberry soap was cured for 4 weeks on wooden planks in our Mifflinburg Soapery. The aroma is sweet and berry-like. Imagine a dessert wine with hints of raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry in a Merlot varietal. Absolutely delightful. Bold-bodied aroma with a bubbly finish. Special Edition
Not only do I admire Pompeii Street Soap Co. for their high quality natural products but also for their animal welfare efforts.  Pompeii Street Soap Co. supports local animal welfare organizations, including P.A. Pets, LAPS Shelter, and Far Point Animal Rescue, carries a Dapper Dog line with 20% of sales donated to the  American College of Veterinarian Internal Medicine Foundation to benefit the CHASE AWAY K9 CANCER CAMPAIGN, and Jessica also fosters kitties awaiting their forever homes.  If you are looking for your very own loving feline companion and are local, take a look here for the kitties up for adoption.

Pompeii Street Soap Co. also makes incredibly moisturizing body butterssugar scrubs, lip balms, gift packages featuring local potters, and a sudsy sampler which is as exciting as a delicious box of decadent, mixed chocolates.  You can purchase items in the workshop or online and be sure to check out Pompeii Street Soap Co.'s Facebook page.

*For more on the company's roots visit the SBDC for the company's client success story.
**All images and descriptions are credited to Pompeii Street Soap Co.

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