Simplicity 8336 Wrap Skirt Hack

This weekend, as busy as it was, allowed me to finish a few projects and begin tying up loose ends, such as the A-Line denim wrap skirt I have been working on for the last few weeks.  Last night, I was finally able to dedicate a nice bit of time to this skirt.  All that remains is a final hem.  (big sigh of relief here) 

Simplicity 8336 and I have been in a love/hate relationship ever since the beginning. 

To be quite honest, it is in no way the fault of the pattern, a simple wrap skirt from 1978- it is completely my own.  This is what I get when I decide to veer off course completely and create my own version of the pattern until it in no way resembles the original design.  Did I mention this was my first pattern attempt ever?
I purchased this vintage pattern online, cut and all.  Everything about it was perfect except for three things.  A.) I ordered the wrong size.  Because I had never ordered a vintage pattern before, let alone a contemporary pattern, I had no idea that the sizing ran so small.  No problem there.  I would simply grade the size up.  After all, it was only 3 simple panels.  B.) After looking at the photos closely I realized that this skirt has a gathered waist.  Absolutely no good for a hippy gal like me.  Again, no problem.  I was confident that even with my non-existent pattern experience, I could simply adjust the pattern by adding a few inches to either side and be done with it.  C.) It didn't have pockets and I needed pockets.  However, I had no fear.  I would simply follow a tutorial I saw on BurdaStyle and add my own inseam pockets. 

In my mind: Done. Done. and Done.  In reality:  Nooot quite.  I made several attempts at adding inches to the skirt's width.  Each time it was not wide enough and I would have to add more inches so that I could get a nice a-line wrap.  Once I had a bottom width that suited my taste I realized that the waist was far too large.  I decided to remedy this by chopping some of the width off of the inner and outer front panels, therefore allowing me to cinch the waist according to my likings.  Perfect idea.  Unfortunately, I ended up trimming them too much.  I was left with two front panels that barely flapped over one another.  I had to extend the front panel.  The only way to do this was to remake the front panel,  remove the old one, and resew.  Now my front panel is fabulous and does not risk unwanted exposure.

The pockets were a success but unfortunately they bulged out a bit, creating unwanted bulk in the hip area.  In the end, I had to remove them :(  But now I have a very clean line that moves from the waist down to the hem of the skirt that I am quite happy with.

As I mentioned, all that is left to do is a final hem.  I think that I am going to use hem tape as the denim is rather heavy.  I want to add as little weight to the hem as possible.

Tomorrow I hope to enjoy this 80 degree weather in my very first garment creation.  I'll be sure to take photos to share.

Keep your fingers crossed that the Beignet Skirt on deck goes more smoothly.  I'm confident it will, assuming I refrain from hacking the beautiful pattern up like I did with Simplicty 8336.  I promise I won't! It's perfect as is. :)