A New Necklace

I thought I'd share the necklace that I made Saturday.  Literally 45 minutes before I was to head out the door for my friend's birthday evening.  

I'm fairly certain Dan was less than pleased when he realized what I was doing, after witnessing me furiously stringing bead after bead.  

Dan: "You plan on wearing that tonight?"  
Me: "Yup."  
Dan: "You realize we are leaving here in 30 minutes." 
Me: "Yup"  
Dan: "You're nuts"  
Me: "I realize this."

It was at this point in the conversation that I pointed out to him that if he helped me string the beads on I could finish getting ready and we could pop out the door on time.  And you know what?  He obliged.  He's good like that.  

See all those tiny black seed beads?  Yup, that's Dan's good work.  He usually helps me string my necklaces together and I love him for that.  It's been a while since I've made a new piece of jewelry so he could have been a little rusty but I think he did just fine.


The necklace is composed of dyed Green Quartz round beads, faceted Red Jasper briolettes and Miyuki Delica matte black seed beads.  I used an old clasp that I had in my supplies but I plan on making a new one for this out of hammered sterling silver or copper wire.