Linen Galore

Last night I ventured down to South Philly to pick up some thread for my Beignet skirt.  I also hoped to find some fabric for M5851.  The trip to the wonderfully amazing Jomar, though easy, is not exactly convenient for someone without a car, such as myself, especially in the rain.  I needed to make the most of it.  

I lapped the store, searching for McCall's suggested fabrics- Silk Crepe, Challis, Charmeuse, or Double Georgette.  I couldn't find all of the types and the ones that I found were not to my taste.  I considered florals, but I wanted to keep it simple.  All of the floral patterns were too stiff or too wild for the look I had in mind.  About to give up, I decided to go with linen.  Even though it is not listed, I think it will work.  

For the body of the tunic, I found a lovely melon colored linen that is very light and airy.

I decided upon a few other colors for the cute yo-yo neckline- four to be exact!  I plan on using the melon linen along with a darker, berry hue for the larger yo-yos.

For a little extra pop, I found a lemony yellow for some of the smaller yo-yos.

But then I thought it needed a darker color, to keep things grounded.  Black would have looked cool but been too harsh for a cheerful spring blouse.  So I choose this pretty slate blue:

I had second thoughts about the blue, and picked up a chocolate brown as well. 


I'm fairly certain I will use both the blue and the brown, along with the yellow, for the smaller yo-yos.  I got a quarter yard of each, so I have plenty of room to play around with the color placement and yo-yo size.  I might even change my mind and use a 4 color palette but I don't think I will decide on that until I am placing the yo-yos. (I think i really like saying/typing that word!)

And here is my terrible little mock-up:


 I'm very happy with my selection and so excited to get started.  I have to get at least one spring top in for Made by Rae's Spring Top Week 2010! The clock is-a-tickin'.

I'm also very excited about the amount I paid for all of this:
3.5 yards of melon linen, 0.5 yards of berry linen, 0.25 yards of yellow linen, 0.25 yards of blue linen, 0.25 yards of brown linen and 4 spools of thread for a grand total of....

$21 and some change!!!  Reason number one why I am eternally grateful for Jomar.