Beignet Skirt, in progress

I am happy to report I've nearly completed my Beignet skirt.  This really is a lovely pattern.  I was quite nervous to start it because everything seemed so overwhelming and so delicate.  As I worked my way through the pattern, my nerves subsided and I stopped worrying about ruining the pattern pieces.  

The instructions are carefully broken down into uncomplicated steps.  And the illustrations!  Thank you Sarai!  The illustrations are so, so helpful. 

Because my waist and hip measurements differ (my waist is closer to a size 10 and my hips a 14 according to the back of the pattern) I cut the larger of the two, allowing me to grade the muslin down where needed.  As Sarai suggested here, I constructed a muslin of the shell, sewed it up and then took each seam in evenly, pinning until I had a fit I was happy with.  Once the appropriate fit had been determined, I took the muslin apart to create the final Beignet.  Though it may not sound like it, this was a rather quick process. 

After the pieces were separated I compared them to the pattern cut outs.  I was shocked to find that each piece lined up to a near exact size 8!  I think I might be measuring my hips incorrectly with such a drastic difference?  Has anyone encountered a similar experience?  

From there on out it's been a fairly smooth process.  Aside from forgetting to cut out my second pocket, and realizing this only after the first had been sewn on, I haven't had any terrible frustrations.  

The fabric, which is composed of some sort of mystery fiber, is much lighter that I had originally anticipated.  It was very thick and had a rather coarse, almost canvas like hand to it when I purchased it.  After the initial wash and dry, it morphed into a fabric with a very soft hand and an airy, linen like drape.  It also pilled a little bit, but I think that this is the nature of the weave.  I have to look into this fabric further.  I'd really like to know what type it is.

I intended to have it completed by last night so that I could wear it to the Phillies game this evening.  Honestly, what  better way to open the season than by sporting a cherry red Beignet skirt with my new navy blue faux Keds?

I'm not really sure there is a better way.  After racing the clock this week to complete it (and even skipping two spin classes :( ), I still have the lining to sew in and buttons to be added, so there will be no Beignet/Phillies/Navy Blue Faux Keds triple threat this evening.  I've got solid plans to finish this baby on Saturday, however.  After spin class of course.