Buttons, buttons, buttons

As I mentioned in my last post (er. only post up until now) I had plans for making the adorable Ruthie Clutch by Anna Maria Horner for a friend's birthday.  I received the fabric last Thursday and by Friday was hard at work on it.  I am so pleased with the fabric that I chose.   The Little Folk's Cotton Voile is GORGEOUS and so. incredibly. soft and smoooooth.  Ah, I just want to rub my face all over it.  Seriously.  It's fantastic.  I've got plans for this fabric.  Big plans.  

This past Saturday Dan and I headed to fabric row in search of buttons.  I am not very familiar with this overwhelming array of fabric stores.  Our first and only introduction to Fabric Row was an afternoon a few years ago in which I drug Dan through every single store in search of a fabric for an upholstered headboard that I, 1.5 years later, have yet to construct.  It took hours to find the perfect shade of green with the right texture.  But we found it, and it is now it patiently sits under our bed awaiting its impending metamorphosis into the greatest upholstered headboard ever. 

So, in order to make Saturday's Fabric Row adventure as quick and painless as possible for Dan, I referred to Dragon's Guide to Philly Fabrics.  This is a very useful site and I recommend it for anyone in search of fabric in Philadelphia.  One of my favorite stores in the city is Spool.  It is not on the list.  My other favorite store is Jo-Mar.  It is on the list.  I've got a lot of love for that place and I intend to profess this admiration in a later post.  Anyways, we b-lined it to Albert Zoll, which is described as having a large selection of buttons in the Dragon Guide.  They had so many unique buttons.  My selection: a mustard-yellow, concave wooden button for the Ruthie Clutch and an extra large one for me, another in the same style but in magenta, and finally a yellow and brown wood inlay button.  I have a feeling I will be returning to this store often as I create my various Parfait dresses.

I foresee a spring and summer filled with cute dresses and the most interesting buttons!  I can't wait.  But first, I have a Ruthie Clutch to complete.